Professional Captain

20+ years of ocean delivery experience.

Credentialed and insured.

Yacht Deliveries​

  • On the water point to point vessel relocation

  • Passage planning & weather routing

  • Satellite comms & tracking

  • Detailed logs and expenses

  • Post-delivery systems report

  • Owners welcome as crew

  • 90% savings on crew costs with our 'Gold Club OPO' partnership

  • Daily & Contract rates

Sail Demos

  • Owner/Broker pre-sale support

  • Professional maneuvering & sail handling

  • Showcase features as benefits

  • Hourly rate with minimum

Sea Trials

  • Pre-purchase evaluation

  • Professional maneuvering & sail handling

  • Inspect & operate systems

  • Provide an unbiased written report with professional insight and perspective

  • Hourly rate with minimum

See: Operation 'Another Gale'

Attractive strong woman sailing with her
Coaching & Training

Build confidence and knowledge by

sailing with a pro on your boat.

Improve in a Day​

  • Customized for you and your crew needs, easy-going and fun

  • Day session topics include: 

    • Docking

    • Maneuvering

    • Sail handling & rigging

    • Night sailing

    • Anchoring

    • Cruise planning

    • Weather routing

    • Single-handed sailing

  • Engineering sessions available to boost your know-how belowdecks

  • Hourly & daily rates, 4 hr. minimum

Cruising Support

  • Overnight voyages with a pro​

  • Professional guidance on all aspects of navigation

  • Multiple session topics

  • Overnight anchoring

  • Night sailing optional

  • 1.5 day minimum

See: Smooth is FastBermuda Bound

ProSailServ complies with

Covid-19 protocols

for small events. 

Pre/Post Purchase

30+ years managing complex projects from budgeting through reconciliation.

Pre Purchase consulting

  • Unbiased assessment of:

    • Goals & budget

    • Boat designs & specs

  • Ashore or afloat inspection

  • Sea trials​ optional

  • Hourly rate with minimum

​See: Hitchin' a Ride

Post Purchase & Outfitting​

  • Develop realistic budgets

  • Systems upgrade planning

  • Provide maintenance schedules

  • Gear selection advice

  • Upgrade/repair guidance

  • Inventory assessment​

  • Hourly rate with minimum

Turnkey Project Management

  • Budget planning

  • Timeline creation

  • Negotiate/supervise contractors and vendors

  • Weekly progress reports

  • Expense/change order tracking

  • Provide final reconciliation

  • Billed by project

See: Swaged and Sprayed

ProSailServ advocates complying with flag state regulations, and standards set by The American Boat and Yacht Council. (ABYC)

Helping You Get the Most from Your Boat